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Businesses and cultures world-wide are entering a transformative era as Artificial Intelligence impacts us in ways unimaginable and at a pace unlike anything in human history. Advances in medicine, manufacturing, education, and every other domain are evolving at warp speed.

This is a moment of exceptional opportunity for creative, early adopters who press forward with relentless courage and unlimited imagination. Taking the lead with AI isn’t easy. New companies and applications appear in droves every day – some continuously evolving and some obsolete almost as quickly as they appear.

Keeping up with innovation, AI, and the rapidly transforming world around us presents a significant challenge. Courage, perseverance, and connection are keys to unlocking exponential growth and success in business, fostering innovation, synergy, and shared achievements.

Partnerships lift each other up, creating a ripple effect and adding to the collective intelligence of our community. Together, we can encourage those around us and inspire today’s leaders and tomorrow’s problem-solvers.

In a world where innovation and resilience intersect, the stories below of Lisa Jones and Jane Boulware shine as beacons of inspiration and empowerment. From Lisa’s groundbreaking journey in revolutionizing communication with EyeMail to Jane’s remarkable ascent from rural Iowa to the heights of Microsoft, these trailblazers embody the essence of unwavering determination and entrepreneurial excellence.

Their stories remind us of what’s possible when we harness courage, creativity and think big!


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     FISHLINE – Ideas, Insights, and Innovation



A true trailblazer, Lisa Jones has defied the odds to create EyeMail, an innovative technological solution that is transforming the way we communicate on a global scale. EyeMail enables up to 60 seconds of video to automatically play in the inbox on both email and mobile platforms with no downloads, or hyperlinks to external sites.

A 2022 article in Success Knocks noted that “as an African American female in technology and from Alabama, Jones did not receive the support, guidance, and open-door access as her colleagues.”

Jones’ journey reflects resilience, determination, and entrepreneurial excellence in the tech industry. She’s a game changer.

Learn More at EyeMailinc.com
Read her story in Wikipedia
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CEO, Founder

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       GET REEL – success and significance

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Author, Speaker

Worthy: From Cornfields to the Corner Office of Microsoft
with Jane Boulware

Embark on a transformative journey with Jane Boulware in her compelling book ‘Worthy’, as she navigates from the rural cornfields of Iowa to the prestigious corner suite at Microsoft.  Jane shares her honest, inspiring, and entertaining tale of resilience, surpassing expectations, and her dedication to uplifting those around her along the way.

Worthy’s stories of resilience, grit and wit are funny, scathingly honest, and heartwarming, showing our success and worth are not defined by others.’

Robbie Bach,
Former President of Microsoft,
Author, consultant, and Civic Engineer

“Jane’s wit, vulnerability and passion for life, people and paying it forward, no matter what, shines through.”

Tim Motts,
CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue

Jane is committed to paying forward what she’s learned and earned so 100% of her ‘Worthy’ book sales are being donated to Boys & Girls Clubs Youth of the Year scholarships. The $320 scholarship, which she received 40 years ago opened the door to a future she didn’t know existed.

Learn more about Jane
Buy ‘Worthy: From Cornfields to Corner Office of Microsoft for yourself and help a Club kid in the process.

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Empathy in Action

Deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture, the term Ohana embodies the concept of family, unity, and interconnectedness.

When the devastating firestorm descended Maui, their 911 team was there to answer the call. The Snohomish County, Washington’s 911 center engaged the Lionfish team to help express their message of ‘Ohana to their counterparts on Maui.

Read the story>

       TACKLE BOX – Education |  Information | Impact

Level up your marketing strategy
From first date to long term relationships


Let’s embark on a whimsical journey through the Ascension Model
—a marketing strategy akin to dating.


1. Initial Attraction:
Marketing: A free e-book catches their eye—a tantalizing teaser.
– Dating: A chance encounter, a witty remark—the spark ignites.

2. Getting to Know Each Other:
– Marketing: A $97 online course reveals hidden depths.
– Dating: Shared interests, late-night conversations—the intrigue deepens.

3. Deeper Connection:
Marketing: A $10,000 coaching programa leap of faith.
Dating: Vulnerability, shared dreams—the heart races.

4. Commitment:
Marketing: The $25,000 mastermind groupa lifetime bond
Dating: Hand in hand, forever intertwined—the grand finale.

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Remember, whether in marketing or matters of the heart, the journey matters as much as the destination. Ascend wisely!

Want to know more?
Download ‘6 steps to an effective Ascension Marketing Strategy’


Looking for help defining a strategic ascension model or filling your pipeline?  


3 AI tools to supercharge your writing and content development
AI can inspire creativity, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.

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An innovative AI-powered search and research tool, Perplexity is 10X speed and quality of a traditional Google search tool.

It provides precise and context-aware answers with an intuitive chatbot interface that lets you ask questions in natural language and responds in conversational style. You get accurate, reliable responses with citations for every answer.

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An AI copilot for anyone wanting better outcomes, not just faster outputs. Jasper writes on-brand content and understands your company.

It automates and accelerates content creation, improves efficiency, speaks 30 languages, is an SEO expert and plagiarism free. Jasper is continuously improving its understanding and text-generation capabilities – the more people use it, the better it becomes.

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Microsoft CoPilot improves efficiency, streamlines process and increases productivity.

It automates repetitive tasks, and helps create consistent, relevant and more personalized content creation. By analyzing historical marketing data, CoPilot provides actionable insights that fuel informed decisions based on trends, customer behavior and campaign performance.

Interested in learning more about how we’re using these and other AI power tools to increase efficiency, productivity, creativity, quality, and business impact? 

Let’s schedule a call.

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