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We welcomed 2024 with optimism and excitement for what’s ahead. Businesses of all types are poised for accelerated transformation as forward-thinking organizations redefine success.

My mantra for the year is ‘more’ – more creativity, more collaboration, more health, more fun, more break-through innovation, and a purpose-driven focus on our collective impact locally and on a global scale.

Are you ready? Let’s do it!

Gloria Wildeman
CEO, Creative Director
gloria@lionfishcreative.com | 425-285-2901

     FISHLINE – Ideas, Insights, and Innovation

In today’s dynamic and hypercompetitive global market, strategic marketing decisions are the cornerstone of organizational success.

Staying ahead requires not only a deep understanding of current trends but also a strategic, visionary approach that positions your organization for sustained advantage.

Crafting compelling narratives, leveraging data intelligently, and embracing new and innovative ways to reach and inspire audiences are the keys to not only surviving, but thriving.

Are you ready for what’s next?

Set your organization up for an outstanding 2024!

Download:  ‘5 High Impact Marketing Strategies for 2024’ 

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       GET REEL – success and significance

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Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible

As the largest synthetic rope manufacturer in the world, the newly formed Cortland International’s premium manufacturing base, comprehensive product range and customized synthetic solutions are game changers.

Cortland International engaged us to build an organizational and cultural bridge, creating a unified platform on which to build business opportunities for Cortland International’s local, national, and global audiences.

Explore the world of rope>

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CONCURRENCY – Leading the way

Standing out in the crowded marketplace requires compelling, differentiated brand experience AND game-changing solutions. We partnered with Concurrency, a leading innovator of AI driven solutions to create a strategic brand platform and a powerful way to share their story with the world.

At Concurrency, redefining ‘the edge of what’s possible’ is in their DNA. Their team is passionate about creating future-forward technology solutions that enhance people’s lives and improve business performance. The results? They’re changing the way work gets done and the trajectory of their client’s business.

Read their story>

       TACKLE BOX – Education |  Information | Impact

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Information is available in a million places and marketing is the secret power to motivating buyers to pick you.

The path to finding and retaining customers is clear. Execution is complicated.

Download our concise roadmap
7 STEPS TO NEW CUSTOMERS for some basic steps to getting more customers and more revenue.

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With rapid growth in already saturated markets, standing out is more challenging than ever. You need a concise, customer centric message, a killer visual experience and a clear reason for customers to pick you.

Are you reaching and motivating audiences to pick you? Is it time for some new shoes? Check out our blog ‘The Cobblers Kids Have no Shoes’

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Congratulations to TEMPO on their new website! We were honored to collaborate with them to create a new visual identity and web experience.

Their highly specialized staff  timekeeping solution is accurate, streamlined, integrated and they’re saving millions of trees!

Check it out!

      SPLASH – Lionfish and industry buzz

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FACT: 5,044,748 new businesses were started in the US in 2022. That’s a lot of new ideas and new opportunities to change the world.

If you, or someone you know could use the help of a strategic partner to launch a new idea, division, or service, reach a goal, fill their pipeline,  elevate their brand, or meet/exceed 2023 commits…and really knock it out of the park – Send them our way!

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