MYTH: You’ve got a killer solution! Customers will line up to get it once they behold its awesome coolness.

REALITY: Customers are thinking “what’s in it for me”. [WIIFM.] Once they understand how your solution can help them meet their goals, they’ll be scrambling to get their hands on it!

Most tech companies are great at building their solution but fall short in their ability to effectively articulate its value to potential customers.

To sell anything, you’ve got to know your audience. Get inside their cranial space.

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Do your homework: Define your perfect customer. Find out: what they need, what keeps them up at night, what would make their life easier, their business run smoother and their customers happier. Don’t forget the competition; what are they saying about their solution? How are you different? Better?

Tell your story: clearly articulating what you do, how it can help, how it’s different/better and why they can’t live without it can be complicated. Sometimes an infographic is the best way to clearly communicate how great your solution is at solving complex customer challenges.

Remember, most customers don’t care about what you think is incredible about your solution. They just want to know how it will help them.

Check out some of the compelling we’ve created to quickly show the value of solutions that solve complex customer challenges.

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Looking for more effective ways to get potential customers excited about how your product or solution will help grow their business not just survive, but thrive?

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