We do a lot of lead generation for clients, mostly for technology companies looking to grow their business. We’re pretty good at it.

It surprises new clients that we don’t start out with complex inbound, social, or outbound.

Those tactics are important, and we do bring them to bear, but most CRO’s are looking for immediate impact on pipeline. In almost every case, we find the new client has overlooked what opportunity lays at their feet.

How is this possible, you ask?

We find organizations are in a rush to get the lead, close the deal and then repeat. New lead, new deal, next campaign, but the consequence of that rushing around eliminates the time needed to identify influences that can have a quick impact.

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One of the best places to start is by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do your sales teams ever talk to your marketing teams?
  • Do your product teams ever talk to your marketing and sales teams?
  • Where are the silos between sales teams?
  • Are your sales and customer success teams trained and enabled to seek out new opportunities with existing customers – and then rewarded for it?

Here’s the good news:
Your sales, product, and customer success teams already have relationships with your customers and can uncover latent opportunity.

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Frequently, our team can step into that rush of lead > close > repeat cycle and identify crazy creative ways to look within the teams and current customer base to generate new business.

In one case, two sales pros in different product groups simply met for coffee and identified an enormous opportunity based on cross-selling across their organizations.

Check out how our team helped them create a $300 Million dollar pipeline in 90 days.

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