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Storytelling is universal
and as old as humankind.  From oral stories with gestures, to performing arts, scrolls and books, our stories inform, educate, and entertain, sharing myths, legends, history, news, cultural traditions, beliefs, and values.

If a picture paints a thousand words, the arrival of pictures, music, and motion pictures dramatically expanded our storytelling capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence represents an enormous leap in the art of storytelling both in word and pictures. In our next edition of Currents, we’ll share how we are bringing AI to benefit our client’s business.

Finding innovative ways to deliver compelling stories that inspire and motivate audiences is in our DNA. We’re excited to take the next step in the evolution. Join us…

Our journey began with our new website! Explore!

Gloria Wildeman
CEO, Creative Director
gloria@lionfishcreative.com | 425-285-2901

     FISHLINE – Ideas, Insights, and Innovation

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Creating a more inclusive world.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging is a hot topic everywhere. DEI can transform organizations and it can change the world. Unfortunately, too often, DEI initiatives fail.

We’ve been collaborating with Dr. Janet B. Reid, Ph.D. and Vincent R. Brown, international thought leaders in DEI with more than 40 years of research and experience consulting with major industries.

We had the honor of naming Chrysalis, developing a brand strategy, creating lead generation campaigns to build their business. We also focused on sharing the high-impact story of business benefits of creating a culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

Chrysalis’ core message:

Diversity is Essential. Inclusion is  Transformational. 

Check out the success story here

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You built it and it’s AMAZING!!

Now you want to tell the world how totally AWESOME it is.

The reality is, the world doesn’t care. What prospects do care about is how your work/product/solution benefits them.

This can be challenging for everyone, especially technology companies who want to talk about what they made and it’s awesomeness!

Making the shift to customer centric marketing can make the difference between a few prospects and a full pipeline.

Check out Nic’s recent blog:

Stop Talking about you!

       GET REEL – success and significance

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It’s hard to image any vehicle more important than an ambulance.

The impact of COVID challenged healthcare organizations whose resources were already stretched, leaving the WhidbeyHealth’s EMS team unable to secure two ambulances that should have been replaced.

The Lionfish team worked with WhidbeyHealth Foundation to launch the ‘Answering the Call’ campaign with a single goal: raise $500K to secure two new, fully equipped ambulance.

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When seconds count, SNO911 is there to help, 24/7. We were excited to be selected to help them tell their story of impact in their Annual Report and recruitment campaign.

COVID brought many challenges, including adapting protocols and policies to assure safe working environments, activating redundancies to protect personnel and maintain uninterrupted services were critical in the efficient dispatch of fire, police, EMS, and other community services.
Read their story of impact.

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We’re thrilled to be partnering with Toddler Learning Center as they step into the future with their new name Steps. Creating a brand strategy, new web presence, all telling the powerful impact story of on children ages 0-3 years old with special needs.

Research showed that public perception was of a daycare center and not a valuable community resource. Steps is on their way to helping more children with developmental delays and their families learn, grow and thrive.

Check out the community’s compliments about their transformation

       TACKLE BOX – Education |  Information | Impact

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Information is available in a million places and marketing is the secret power to motivating buyers to pick you.

The path to finding and retaining customers is clear. Execution is complicated.

Download our concise roadmap
7 STEPS TO NEW CUSTOMERS for some basic steps to getting more customers and more revenue.

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With rapid growth in already saturated markets, standing out is more challenging than ever. You need a concise, customer centric message, a killer visual experience and a clear reason for customers to pick you.

Are you reaching and motivating audiences to pick you? Is it time for some new shoes? Check out our blog ‘The Cobblers Kids Have no Shoes’

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Congratulations to TEMPO on their new website! We were honored to collaborate with them to create a new visual identity and web experience.

Their highly specialized staff  timekeeping solution is accurate, streamlined, integrated and they’re saving millions of trees!

Check it out!

      SPLASH – Lionfish and industry buzz

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FACT: 5,044,748 new businesses were started in the US in 2022. That’s a lot of new ideas and new opportunities to change the world.

If you, or someone you know could use the help of a strategic partner to launch a new idea, division, or service, reach a goal, fill their pipeline,  elevate their brand, or meet/exceed 2023 commits…and really knock it out of the park – Send them our way!

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