Level up your marketing strategy
 From first date to long term relationships…

The Ascension Model is a prospect engagement strategy that encourages potential customers to learn about you and your offerings, experience value firsthand, and build confidence prior to a major investment or long-term commitment.

Let’s embark on a whimsical journey through the Ascension Model—a marketing strategy akin to dating.

1. Initial Attraction:
   – Marketing: A free e-book catches their eye—a tantalizing teaser.
   – Dating: A chance encounter, a witty remark—the spark ignites.

2. Getting to Know Each Other:
   – Marketing: A $97 online course reveals hidden depths.
   – Dating: Shared interests, late-night conversations—the intrigue deepens.

3. Deeper Connection:
   – Marketing: A $10,000 coaching programa leap of faith.
   – Dating: Vulnerability, shared dreams—the heart races.

4. Commitment:
   – Marketing: The $25,000 mastermind groupa lifetime bond
   – Dating: Hand in hand, forever intertwined—the grand finale.

Remember, whether in marketing or matters of the heart, the journey matters as much as the destination. Ascend wisely!

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