Supporting Maui 911 Crews

A once-in-a-lifetime firestorm descended Maui including historic Lahaina, devastating families, destroying businesses and threatening the very culture of a beloved community.

There are many stories of heroism which will be recognized for years. As they often are, the Maui County 911 dispatchers were resilient, behind the scenes, meeting the massive demand for Fire, Police and EMS under unprecedented conditions. Many of those dispatchers suffered personal losses of homes, property and possessions.

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Hawaiians use the word ‘Ohana to describe the culture of caring and devotion to all members of the human family.

Back on the mainland, Snohomish County Washington’s 911 center wanted to express their message of ‘Ohana to their counterparts on Maui. Moved by the challenges faced by their counterparts in Maui, the SNO911 dispatchers took action to show their solidarity.

Their solution was to create logowear; t-shirts that conveyed their unity and compassion for Maui 911 dispatchers. For every t-shirt purchased by the SNO911 team, one would be sent to Maui’s dispatch team.

Lionfish contributed exceptional graphic designs developed by Senior Art Director Anthony Ferriera. SNO911’s local logo-wear vendor Ink it Your Way donated time and resources to produce two unique versions for purchase by SNO911 dispatchers, family and friends.

This act of generosity also spurred cash contributions for the People’s Fund of Maui, creating an additional way to uplift those on the front line of emergency response in Lahaina.

This collaboration between the SNO911 team, Lionfish, and Ink it Your Way exemplifies the best of humanity – coming together in times of need, offering support, and showing kindness across the miles.

The smallest gesture of kindness can have a ripple effect that reaches beyond what we can imagine, creating a world where empathy and solidarity prevail.

This is what ‘Ohana is all about.

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