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Dating back as far as 1546, this expression is still relevant today as many small businesses focus on keeping the lights on, often neglecting their own needs.

Organizations of all types have weathered the impacts of COVID, got back on track, meet their business goals, and in their own ways, changed the world.

The ‘New Norm’ begs for a reset of their strategy, their approach and their message, simply because the world is a new place.

We’re continuing to help organizations define strategic roadmaps to meet their goals for 2023 and beyond.

What we’ve found is that for many,
it is time for some new shoes!

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More than dusting off the old brand, they’re ready to turn the page; create a compelling story and a fresh, future-ready visual experience that ignites curiosity and inspires audiences to action!

Helping organizations put their best foot forward and strut their stuff in new and innovative ways is in our DNA.

Whether it’s in your offices, announcing a new division, attending an industry event, or launching your next big thing, you need to stand out and get people’s attention.

Making a splash in our new shoes!


Our new website was designed to ignite your imagination and inspire you to be ready for what’s next!

We’re sharing the insights, expertise, and inspiration we’ve gained navigating the ever-changing world of marketing, advertising, and design to fuel your success.

Check it out!

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Ready for some new shoes?


  • Do you have a strategic plan for capturing the attention of your target market?
  • Is your messaging resonating with prospects?
  • Time to step up and stand out?
  • Need some power tools to get customers knocking on your door?

Let’s connect and explore what’s possible.

Gloria or call me: 425-285-2901

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