Increase alumni donations to the Washington State University Foundation.

The Strategy

Develop a series of integrated campaigns, initially aligning with the university’s major billion-dollar campaign.

The initial campaign positioned various alumni as “Heroes” for their support/ donations to WSU, motivating others to become heroes and donate. Phase II leaned into idea of Opening Doors to Big Ideas. Consecutive years built on those successful campaigns, sharing stories of how students and faculty are changing the world.

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The Tactics

Create an evolving theme, launching with heroes, elevating donor persona and their impact. Include collateral, direct mail, email series, and web graphics. Campaigns featured inspirational messages, WSU action imagery and donor impact stories, with sustained increase in donations year after year.

Campaign featured a video message of “Thanks” from visionary President Elson S. Floyd.


The Results

Year after year, the powerful creative and messages resulted in continuous increased revenue from donors. The five year campaign series culminated with the release of the president’s video which continues to live on as part of the WSU donor wall on campus.

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