Lead the creative strategy and tactics for the launch of Warner Bros. new video management application.

The Strategy

Define the product name, brand strategy, visual experience, UX|UI design, and demand generation roadmap and related resources for this innovative, cutting-edge product launch.

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The Tactics

Conduct market research, define a naming strategy, product positioning and demand generation resources for beta product in preparation for launch.

Consult on UI/UX design, create teaser videos including a product overview for Time Warner execs, a product demo, and a scenario series to help promote beta.

Create campaign resources to raise awareness, generate market buzz and drive adoption.

The Results

Product name: Cinomi. Beta demand generation exceeded goals. Acquisition of Flixter resulted in product integration under Flixter brand and rolled out to an existing global audience.

Secondary apps: My Collection and Ultraviolet were also integrated in Flixter’s UI. As of 2022, Flixter has over 1 million users.

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