Shift public perception that Toddler Learning Center [TLC] is a daycare center, boost the morale of their team who have been stretched from the disruptions of COVID, build awareness of their diverse and high impact services across the community, as they prepare for program expansion and organizational growth.

The Strategy

Solidified the need to rename and rebrand, update their story, elevate their website experience, introduce a structured marketing plan and enhance communication with families, partners and the community to set the stage for the planned growth.

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The Tactics

Engaged leadership, staff and community partners in the process. Conduct research, including 360 internal, external and competitive landscape.

Defined a brand strategy and engage the entire team in defining a new name that supports their organizational goals.

Developed value based messaging that reflects their new name, Steps, elevating the diverse, professional services they provide and tremendous value they bring to children with developmental delays and their families.

The Visual Experience

Created a multi-faceted visual experience, including the Steps logo and new tagline ‘taking steps together’ that reflects the impact of their services on children and their families.  Integrated a bright color palette, and diverse, relevant and engaging photo collection, reinforcing their focus, culture and experience.

Built a rich library of visual assets including photos, color splashes, icons, and line art that make it easy for staff to create professional looking presentations, resources and communications now and in the future.

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Rich, Informative Website

Created a user friendly website that informs, inspires and supports current and future families, partners and the community. Included process infographic, services overview, and a series of success stories that reinforce the impact Steps has on children, their families and the community.

Photographed the staff, and spotlight their roles, background, experience and expertise on the website. Featured local organizations who collaborate and support the Steps mission and vision.

Created a collection of visual assets, templates and resources to support ongoing marketing, communications and recruitment.

Spread the Word and Garner Support

Created a series of posters, brochures and collateral in English and Spanish to introduce Steps to current and prospective families, partners, supporters, and the community.

Created a collection of branded merchandise that showcase the new brand to share with staff, partners and community.

Collaborated with leadership to define the role and recruit a Resource Development Manager to create a fundraising foundation to support organizational goals today and in the future.

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Team perception at the results: ‘We’ve stepped into the big league.’

Internal launch and readiness program brought rave reviews and growing excitement as team members began to share the new brand and story with their personal friends and families as well as the families they are working with.

Public rollout brought high accolades from community leaders, partners and the families being served.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Name & tagline
  • Visual Identity
  • Messaging
  • Website
  • Staff photos
  • Photo collection
  • Business package
  • Success stories
  • Collateral
  • Signage
  • Posters – English & Spanish
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