Support cultural integration, brand loyalty and community support for the newly integrated Snohomish County 911 teams.



Create a unifying brand strategy and visual experience to unite newly integrated teams, build brand loyalty and provide a powerful message to partners, government officials and the community about the unified power of SNO911.

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Create Brand strategy, messaging, visual experience including logo, tagline and graphic for use across all communications, vehicles, and facilities. Reinforce their common commitment to making sure HELP STARTS HERE.

Create the first ever SNO911 Annual Report, sharing their story of a county wide infrastructure. Raise awareness of the dedication, collaboration, unified vision, and tremendous impact of these dedicated heroes.


Strong cross organization engagement and adoption of new brand, logo, and tagline “HELP STARTS HERE’ fueled a sense of camaraderie.

  • Tremendous pride in annual reports, recognizing individuals behind the scenes as well as front line call center.
  • Widespread local and national accolades for both annual reports.
  • Increase in applications for Dispatcher positions.
  • Rich infographics are being translated into interactive informational and educational resources for recruitment, community awareness and education.
  • Sent a message of support to Maui 911 after the fires – from our house to yours
  • Lionfish has been engaged to create the 2023-24 annual report.
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  • Brand strategy & Unifying Tagline
  • Visual Identity, guidelines & toolkit
  • T-shirt design & execution
  • Video series
  • 2 comprehensive annual reports
  • Regional & National recruitment campaign
  • Create a powerful design for T-shirts to send to Maui 911 team
  • 3 infographics that tell the story of dispatchers, board and support teams that make sure someone is there to answer the call,  and respond 24/7, when and where they are needed.
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