Shift market perceptions and position Nuance Automotive as a dynamic, progressive leader in conversational and cognitive AI solutions in the highly competitive automotive industry.

The Strategy

Define creative, positioning and engagement tactics to raise awareness, differentiate and position Nuance Auto as futurists and innovative leaders.

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Conduct research and use an evidence based approach:

  • Develop an AI driven dashboard with over 230,000 data points.
  • Provide a 360º view of industry mega-trends with insights into partner, customer and public activities, engagements and perceptions.
  • Conduct a competitive analysis into competitor brand and positioning to support differentiation.


Create differentiated positioning and compelling thematic creative that position Nuance as futurists, disrupting the industry and transforming the auto experience. Develop a multi-phased story with audience segmented value props that reinforces the value of their years in the industry, their innovative solutions and their vision for the future.

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Create a powerful, immersive brand experience for CES 2019; inspiring partners and event attendees to ‘Unleash the Dragon’ and ‘Race to the Future’ with Nuance Auto. We also raised broad awareness of Nuance Auto with a social media contest that invited event attendees; customers, partners and the media alike, to take a selfie with the Dragon and win a gift card!


Best ever CES experience in company history and featured two powerful themes:

  • Unleash the Dragon: elevated awareness of their platform: Dragon Drive, engaging audiences and creating buzz; especially with Asian attendees.
  • Race to the Future: set the stage for the introduction of their innovative solutions and collaborative partnerships.
  • By the numbers: 143% growth; record setting number of meetings and product demos with client, partner and media across the 4 day event.
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Dynamic auto wraps are taking the story on the road to capture the attention of current and prospective clients and partners around the world. Watch for our sustain campaign for Nuance! Looking for a way to elevate your brand? Call us!

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