Shift internal and market perceptions, raise awareness and create buzz around key security initiatives and Microsoft’s commitment to secure computing.

The Strategy

Elevate the security team members, reinforcing the value of their role in delivering on Microsoft’s commitment to secure computing and empowering them to spread the word.

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The Tactics

Develop a rich, thematic campaign with collateral, posters, an online contest and resource portal. Create a life-sized cutouts and themed video of each team member, transforming into a super secret agent.

Create a series of monthly assignments, reporting and rewards structure and a repository for sharing best practices related to safe computing. Deliver resources, templates and prescriptive guidance for global scale and localization.

The Results

Global engagement and scaled deployment of resources lead to worldwide adoption and low-cost execution by diverse teams on a global scale. LATAM team executed campaign for less than $2K using the core templates and resources. Exceeded campaign goals in team engagement, retention and public awareness of Microsoft’s commitment to security.

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