Empower ISVs large and small to successfully engage audiences, differentiate themselves and drive sales of their outrageously AWESOME applications.

The Strategy

Develop a resource portal with digital educational tools, templates and resources that could be used by any ISV to help them compete effectively in a saturated market.

Provide prescriptive guidance to assist ISV in marketing and selling their solutions without having to hire an agency.

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The Tactics

Develop a unique set of engaging, illustrated characters to guide ISV teams on best practices for naming, branding, messaging, and positioning their companies. Include marketing techniques for product launches, generating demand, developing a sales channel and sustaining business growth.

Create an engaging video provided a quick overview of the resources and their value in helping them stand out in a crowd.

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The Results

Over 350+ companies downloaded the e-books and 20+ easy to use templates in the first 3 months. The portal tracked user engagement, enabling client teams to follow up with users to further support their success.

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