Empower the diverse IoT partner ecosystem to build, sell and deploy IoT solutions that drive digital transformation.

The Strategy

Educate, inspire and enable OEM, ODM, ISV, SI and Disti partners to collaborate, develop, sell and support IoT solutions built on the Microsoft platform. Provide positioning, tactics and customized resources for comprehensive, ecosystem-wide collaboration to drive digital transformation and exploit business opportunities with Microsoft and IoT.

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The Tactics

Create a comprehensive set of global resources for distribution to regional teams and partners in 9 languages. Create an online distribution platform with a comprehensive list of resources sortable by topic, document type, audience, business value, and language.

Develop an IoT Experience to support sales teams and partners in effectively communicating the industry trends and opportunities with Microsoft and IoT.


Utilized the IoT experience at multiple events around the world to inform and inspire Microsoft partners to collaborate and capture the massive opportunity of IoT to drive digital transformation.

Host a series of IoT in Action partner ‘matchmaker’ events, providing a platform for collaboration and the delivery of integrated, end to end IoT solutions.

Create a series of video case studies that showcase the impact of IoT in smart homes and businesses. Videos premiered in smart home prototype in APAC and EMEA, reinforcing how innovative IoT solutions are changing the way we live, work and play.

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The Results

Marketing and sales tools continue to support global sales and marketing teams. Positioning set the stage for company wide IoT story. Initial lead gen delivered 1,000 top of funnel leads delivered in 60 days. Interactive experience being used online and at major events to help partners and customers envision the opportunities of IoT driven digital transformation.

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