Grow market share beyond partner referrals in the highly competitive IT consulting market.

The Strategy

Research competitive landscape, define differentiated positioning and create a unique brand/visual experience.

Apply across collateral, business materials and a website to elevate perceived value, competency and impact.

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The Tactics

Create state-of-the-art website, business package, rich visual identity, logo/fonts/colors, DIY templates, unique process infographic and assets library.

Create core set of sales tools, thought leadership resources and lead generation roadmap. Execute multi-tiered lead generation campaign, each phase focused on a new core competency. Sustaining top-of-mind with target audience through ongoing social, inbound/outbound lead gen tactics.

The Results

Increased unaided brand recognition and positioning in the market. Elevated their standing with Microsoft sales teams fueling deeper engagement. Newly created sales tools continue to support sales engagements.

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