Deepen Concurrency’s relationship with Microsoft, elevate their presence in the market, and build market share.  


The Strategy

Our top priority was to raise awareness and position these bold, future-forward technology innovators as industry leaders in delivering innovative AI solutions that transform business and deliver measurable business value.

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The Tactics

As always, we started with WHY?  Why are they in business and what are their business goals? Our 360⁰ research included employees, customers, and their competitive landscape. We defined a strategic brand platform, and concise, powerful brand messaging, and a bold visual brand experience to support a new website and GTM tactics.

We provided content strategy, copy and visuals for the new website, working collaboratively with client dev team to deliver a contemporary online experience. 

A collection of tools, templates, resources and execution guidance were created to support inhouse adoption of the new brand. 

AI Solution adds
$156M New Revenue

Talk about game changers…this solution needed more that just a written case study. We created a visually powerful animation depicting this innovative, scalable AI driven solution reinforcing it’s ability to deliver outrageous revenue for a wide range of businesses across diverse industries.

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Strategic Focus

Capturing the attention of their target audience and motivating them to action starts with a clear understanding of that audience; who they are and what they care about.

Creating a microsite allowed us to quickly connect directly with their top priority target audience, deliver this powerful story of innovation and impact and track the campaigns performance. The full website followed, extending their story and their reach to diverse audiences.

The Results

Employees embraced their role as people centric innovators as they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Deepening their relationship with Microsoft, igniting broad customer curiosity and business growth followed.


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  • Brand Strategy 
  • Bold, differentiated messaging 
  • Powerful visual identity system 
  • POTYA submission 
  • Microsite for Microsoft audiences 
  • Web design & content development 
  • Brand Guide 
  • Customer Success story & animation 
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