Support product launch, deepen relationship with current customers and increase market share.
Build a marketing platform with a focus on contribution to revenue

The Strategy

Phase I: Enable CAE to clearly articulate their strategic and differentiated positioning as a recognized market leader in in a consistent voice across all targeted industries

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The Tactics

Create a compelling product launch pitch deck using existing visual identity and infographic for immediate launch of Anode.

Conduct research and brand strategy workshop to support the creation of strategic, compelling, audience-centric and differentiated market positioning for CAE. Convert communications to value focused voice.

Provide resources and guidance for using the new brand strategy and messaging to support CAE’s 2023 strategic goals.

The Results

Entire organization is using a unified voice, building on their brand strategy to differentiate themselves in the market.

Sales team presentation and sales tools reflect the new positioning and customer centric value-based message. The resulting clarity of purpose and value is resonating with customers and prospects, deepening relationships and igniting sales.

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