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The POND is filled with amazing people doing amazing things every day. We extend our waters beyond the pond to a wide pool of outrageously talented writers, designers, developers, editors, photographers, video production, dancers, jugglers, and assorted other talented performers, which, added to our core team represent the best of the best in our business.

Meet a few of our splash makers:

Gloria Wildeman, CEO and Creative Director

Gloria provides the strategic and creative vision for the project. With an extensive background as a designer, illustrator, and animator, Gloria drives the creative energy of the Lionfish team toward innovative client initiatives. Originally from upstate New York, Gloria attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale focusing on advertising and design. She has over 30 years of industry experience, 14 years at Eastman Kodak and 15 of them as creative director and chief strategist for multiple Seattle-based agencies supporting a global client base. Gloria also served her community as a licensed paramedic for 14 years. Gloria currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue.

Nic Wildeman, Partner/Strategy Director

Nic crafts marketing strategies and positioning that resonate with audiences worldwide. He oversees the work of copywriters, digital services, and the account team to ensure that plans and messages hit their target every time. Nic is a graduate of the University of New York at Oswego, majoring in communications and technology. Before his eventual return to a career in communications, Nic worked for over 20 years on the provider and consulting side of the healthcare industry, spending several years in marketing/PR, mergers and acquisitions in both domestic and international markets.

Mona Campbell, CFO, Director, Project Management

Mona puts her degree in accounting to work as the wizard behind our operation, balancing budgets, guiding project managers, and overseeing all things financial. She also handles our HR, oversees vendors and steps in as a project manager on occasion, just to keep her hands in the day-to-day project work.

Dawn Santmyer, Sr. Art Director

Dawn brings more than 17 years of experience and expertise to her design strategy and creative executions. After receiving her BS at Nazareth College in Rochester New York, Dawn launched her career in Dallas before moving on to Chicago and California working for both boutique and large, well-known design firms. Dawn will be the go-to Lionfish steward of the UI design.

Michael Wildeman, Designer

Mike brings 20+ years’ experience in diverse creative fields to the pond. From digital design, to illustration, to photo editing, animation, and  presentation graphics, Mike brings a wealth of experience to every role. A cum laude graduate of SUNY Brockport, Mike’s diverse roles include animation for Disney, a chef, an iron sculptor, a potter and a professional snowboarder sponsored by Oxygen. Mike combines all of those talents and more to the Lionfish Pond.

Greta Watson, Project and Production Manager

Manages all aspects of a project’s purchased goods and services, print production, and delivery—providing guidance for effective pre-press design and preparation—and oversees print vendor relationship to ensure solutions are delivered on time, error-free, and within budget. Greta is a Bellevue Community College graduate with a degree in Accounting. Greta’s attention to detail combines with her strong negotiating skills to create win-win vendor partnerships for Lionfish and our clients.