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It takes both insight and innovation to inspire audiences today. Our creative minds are directed by informed strategists and relevant data to drive exceptional results for each project and campaign.

Gloria Wildeman is a master marketing strategist, possessing a creative vision and proven experience in the technology, healthcare, retail, entertainment, consumer, and business-to-business sectors. Her background as a designer, illustrator, and animator drives the creative energy of the Lionfish team toward innovative client initiatives that delight and intrigue client markets. Gloria’s years on experience the client-side and in the agency world serving a global client base bring a rich foundation to support diverse client needs.

Nic Wildeman has a background in successful client-side roles in marketing and sales in addition to over twelve years in the agency world. He motivates Lionfish to provide clients with business-building solutions that produce outstanding results. Nic’s deep experience in public and governmental relations gives him the skill in crafting strategies and messaging that hit their target and resonate with audiences worldwide. Well-versed in the healthcare, professional services, technology and manufacturing sectors, Nic easily relates to the diverse, real-world challenges of Lionfish’s clients.