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This year's Facebook meme has lots of people posting a daily statement of gratitude for something in their lives. Top themes seem to be family, loved ones, good health, and the like. I'm not participating in the daily posting, but I've enjoyed reading what people find important.

That's the first half: Thanks.

Here's a shocking statistic: nearly a quarter-million Seattlites were faced with food insecurity last year. Over 200,000 of our neighbors - very possibly people within walking distance of our own homes - were uncertain about where they would get their next meal.

In this economy, in this holiday season, let's not forget the other half: Giving. Take a minute to make an online donation to the foodbank or non-profit of your choice, or help out by volunteering. If you need some help finding a great non-profit partner, feel free to browse the Lionfish 2012 Calendar of Giving

Happy Thanks Giving!

- nic

This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 9:00 AM
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Author: Nic Wildeman
Posted in: Non-Profit

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