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There are a lot of pundits in the agency industry. This week, a well-known consultant suggested that agencies should never take on a client who had never worked with a firm before. Presumably, someone else should 'break the client in' on the creative and marketing process. Apparently, this client will magically become easier to work with after they fire their first agency.


How much faith in our business will that client gain with this approach? How will the client market ever grow if agencies dodge the startups and prospective clients on the growth path? Reading between the lines, I'm guessing the idea is that clients new to agency relationships require more support from the client services team. 

Well, sure. 

I take a completely opposing view: this client is the one most open to a deep future relationship. It's the client's job to teach the agency about their business and it's the agency's job to teach the client about the process - and benefits - of great marketing methods.

Isn't that what 'collaboration' really looks like?

This entry was posted on Monday, November 19, 2012 at 8:00 AM
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Author: Nic Wildeman
Posted in: Client-Agency Relationships

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